hell'o (10chars)

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hell'o (10chars)

Post  Unclean on Sun Aug 30, 2009 9:54 am

IGN name: Lilith(blader)
Caracter lvl:170
Class rank :17
Honor rank:6(around 10%) working on it
Equipmnet:pvp/pve/dng (same gear every where lol: 7% ssa st. martial suit, 2 slotted vamp earings, 2 x slotted bof+2, aop+5, aov+4, 2 rol+1, 2 rof+9, ao7c+7, 2ro7c+6, of guard osm. armourboots 16 def(100 HP), of destruction martial glove 18 attak, of vampire armourhelm osmium max HP steal +40(7% ssa in slot))
Guild u were before: relentless
Why u left guild:noob guild...don't even know how to do eod b1f and they need help for lid oO(at lvl 150+)(started playing on elite cabal around 10 days ago and accespted their guild invitation as i was bored)
What u can offer to guild:advices. got good game knowledge(3 years exp on cabal europe, involved in many testings/guides there)
Why u want to join:well i miss berderk hunts, pf boss hunts, etc
maybe ft b2f/fi
can't run them solo Smile


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Re: hell'o (10chars)

Post  Infinity on Sun Aug 30, 2009 12:37 pm


Whisp me in game

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